Лучшие способы заработка криптовалюты в 2021 году

How To Earn Cryptocurrencies In The 2021 Year

In the world of investing and finance, cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, was perhaps the most interesting and followed topic in 2020. Bitcoin had a huge price rise, going from a low of around $2,800 to going past $30,000 for the first time during the year. In percentage terms, Bitcoin saw a rise in the price of more than 300%, which explains why there was so much interest around it. Many observers believe that this rally is only the beginning, and we can expect bitcoin to reach $100,000 in the next few years, especially if the accommodative central bank policies being seen around the world continue to be in place during that time. In such a scenario, it may be of interest to many people to try and invest in bitcoin, and thus we will take a look at some of the ways in which cryptocurrencies can be earned in 2021.

Of course, those who are in this space know that the only way to create new tokens is by ‘mining’. This does not mean that you have to wear a miner’s hat and go into some dark, damp cave. Instead, the term mining refers to completing mathematical tasks through your computers, which will then award those who finish them with new crypto tokens. However, this does require extremely high-powered computers, which is why gaming PCs are one of the easiest ways for the layman to be able to mine crypto, with their GPUs being able to process the complex mathematical equations needed to earn crypto. However, there are other ways to earn tokens as well online.

One of those ways, which has become quite popular over the last year, has been to complete tasks online. This has become much more relevant since people were largely at home during 2020, and thus this gave them the opportunity to use their time well and earn crypto in a relatively easy manner. People are required to complete tasks such as website testing, increasing social media engagements and taking surveys, for which they are paid in Bitcoin. Of course, these are not large amounts, but doing enough of these tasks can be great to pick up a decent amount of crypto, and given the value of Bitcoin, they could be worth a lot more in a short span of time.

Another popular way to earn bitcoin and other cryptos has been to get into the crypto trading market. Given the popularity of cryptocurrencies, it has been becoming increasingly easier to begin trading in these markets. There are now a number of platforms and apps available which allow anyone to begin trading in bitcoin and other digital currencies. Some of them even allow for the process to be automated, with buying and selling of predetermined amounts taking place when certain price targets are hit, akin to how investments in traditional asset classes work.

Lastly, a very entertaining way to earn bitcoin is by playing bitcoin games. Gaming has also become quite popular over the last few years, and even more so in 2020, when it became a leading source of entertainment for people stuck at home. Thus, gaming would be a popular way to pass the time, and being able to earn bitcoin through this would be an added incentive. Most of these games involve gambling, so there is some risk involved, but many of these games are small slot-games which would not take up too much time. There are some detailed games with immersive storylines as well, which can offer users the chance to earn more tokens than the other games, but they would require larger investments as well.

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